SCA Officers
President – Sam S.
Vice President – Elizabeth S.
Treasurer – Ella S.
Secretary – Logan H.
Historian – Abigail S.

SCA sponsor - Mrs. Heather Picolli

Girls on the Run (GOTR)

GOTR inspires girls to be joyful, healthy, and confident using a fun, experience-based curriculum which creatively integrates running.

Ecology Club

Students harvest oysters for the Lynnhaven Now Project, participate in sustainability projects, and learn about the ecology in our community.
Sponsors: Mrs. Sandy Doyle and Mrs. Jennifer Saunders

Newspaper Club

Fifth graders solicit and write articles of interest including book reviews for Thalia Students.
Sponsor: Ms. Susan Rumans

Safety Patrols

Safety patrols help keep students safe as they enter and leave the building each day.
Sponsors: Mrs. Cheryl House

WTES News Team

The news team provides the students of Thalia with live morning announcements every day. News anchors are on camera and tech support prepares the announcements each morning with the most current school news and weather.
Sponsors: Mrs. Ginger Robinson and Mrs. Leesia Taylor